Karatsu Style



Cosmetic Division

Propose the brand of “MADE IN JAPAN” that produces the products use of regional specialty and luxuriously uses raw materials pursuing safety and safety.
At the same time, look for the cutting edge Brands from Overseas carefully selected for safety and security as same standard as "MADE IN JAPAN".


Highly blended botanical material born from the rich nature of Karatsu.Skin care series that be made carefully with natural ingredients and manufacturing method.
Propose as beauty Style as New wind from Karatsu to the world. Use rich nature in Karatsu and develop New, Safe and Natural cosmetics form here.Keep to look for the cosmetics that make satisfied to the people all generations.

Original Health Food Division

Switchel is a natural drink without additives, made by mixing honey, ginger and apple vinegar. In recent years it has been popular among western celebrities, who are known for taking good care of their body and health. Switchel is a wonderful way to refresh after exercise and substitute sugar-containing soft drinks, in your daily life. Product is carefully made by experienced craftsmen with use of the finest ingredients.


About us

Corporate Philosophy

Life Style from Karatsu to the world!

We will create a energy and vigorous society by the products from natural material in Karatsu and contribute to beauty and health industries for all generations.

The message from CEO

City of Karatsu faces the Genkai-Nada sea and its rich in natural resources, used for production of healthy foods and cosmetics. We utilize those raw materials to develop new products, and share them with people all over Japan and world. As a newly established company we are committed to achieve our goals and contribute to our society. We hope to hear your feedback.

Our company was established not only to contribute to people vitality, beauty and health, but also to stimulate the local employment growth.

Company Profile

Company name Karatsu Style Co.,Ltd.
Representative CEO Katsumi Kameishi
Head Office 1-1-403, Minami Jyonai, Karatsu City, 8470013, Saga Pre.
Business ・Manufacture, sale, import and export of cosmetics and health foods ・Manufacture, sale, import and export of raw materials and materials for cosmetics and health foods ・Planning and consulting business ・Agency, brokerage and wholesale business of each of the preceding items
Incorporated Third of April in 2017
Capital JPY 3,000,000

Company History


  • Apr.

    Signed partnership agreement between French Cosmetic Valley association and Karatsu City.

  • Nov.

    11th // Established Japan Cosmetic Center Meeting


  • Apr.

    1st // General incorporated association


  • Jun.

    2nd // Signed partnership agreement with Spanish "Beauty Cluster Barcelona" Association


  • Jul.

    8th // Signed partnership agreement with Italian "Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi" Association


  • Oct.

    16th // Signed partnership agreement with French Cosmetic Valley Association



  • Aug.

    5th // Signed partnership agreement with Taiwan 'Taiwan Beauty Valley' Association

  • Jan.

    20th // Signed partnership agreement with Thailand "Thai Cosmetic CLUSTER" Association


  • Apr.

    3rd // Karatsu Style Co., Ltd. becomes subsidiary company of Japan Cosmetic Center after 100% acquisition.